Meet Freehold

I may have a new favorite dungeon. Humor, pirates, and great scenery. You can’t go wrong! Let me introduce you to Freehold!!

After killing some mobs, you meet your first boss: Skycap’n Kragg. While you’re clearing that trash, he’s flying overhead on his giant parrot named Sharkbait. Bombing you from the skies. Jerk. WoWScrnShot_051818_195441 (2)

Following riding across some cool bridges, you spend some time in this next area. There you have two options. You can kill a bunch of trash in the next couple of sections. The alternative is to follow a dog around until he digs up the keys to free the caged guy in the middle. He will give you pirate costumes to help you blend in. PIRATE COSTUMES guys. This is clearly the best choice.


The buff that helps you realize how much you jump while you game!

I do want to take a moment to point out one of the most annoying, and hilarious, debuffs I have ever seen in this game. You get it in this area as you are clearing trash. To my knowledge you can’t remove it.


You carry this debuff to the next boss. Council o’ Captains. These captains are sitting around a table, having themselves a drink. Here we are interrupting them. How rude of us! It’s a pretty cool fight with lot’s of pirate phrases being yelled at you. You may also have a barrel thrown onto your head. Your party mates are supposed to attack the barrel to break it off. While you have the barrel, your screen is black and you’re disorientated. An annoying, yet unique, mechanic!

After this you make your way to the Ring of Booty!! The first time I did this fight, I laughed pretty much the whole time. First off, booty (hehe!). Secondly, you start the fight by chasing a greased pig. Yep, that happens. Thirdly, you fight a turtle named Ludwig Von Tortollen, complete with funny introductions and nods to TMNT. Turtle Power! Finally you go up against Trothak, The Shark Puncher. Who literally is wearing sharks on his hands which he throws at you.

The dungeon wraps up with the boss Harlan Sweete. This slimy, villainous pirate is your pretty typical “don’t stand in the fire” fight. He throws out dice to determine what buffs he gets. Easy boss. I’ll be curious to see if this one gets any harder in mythic. It felt like a pretty anti-climatic end to the dungeon. However, the treasure background is really cool!WoWScrnShot_051818_201312 (2)

That’s it, you win. You took down those evil Irontide Raiders. Those scoundrels. Flynn Fairwind would be so proud of you! Don’t know who Flynn Fairwind is yet? Stay tuned!


Midweek Randomness: Midnight Salmon

The BfA beta finally put in a Fishing Trainer. Though you can only train up to Pandaria fishing that the time I’m writing this, you can still fish up BfA fish in the pools. Out of curiosity, I threw out my fishing line wanting to see what I would get. This is what I found:


Yay for night fishing! This is an interesting concept. Similar to Pokemon (and apparently Animal Crossing according to a friend of mine) where you can only get certain Pokemon at night. I’ll be curious to see how this sells on the AH!

Have a great rest of your week!

Give Blizz a Chance

Let me start off by saying that I’m having a blast in the BfA beta! I can’t wait for this expansion! I didn’t always feel that way. Don’t get me wrong, the cinematic Blizzard showed us at Blizzcon last year was amazing!! They always are. I’ve never personally been one for the whole horde vs. alliance concept so I wasn’t super into the thought behind BfA. It really has been fun so far. I just had to give Blizz a chance.

Professions are opening up in the beta. When I saw that gathering professions had ranks again, I was not thrilled. That is one of the things about professions that annoy me. It makes them not feel good. I still don’t have a few of the rank 3 skills in Herbalism for Legion. Granted, part of that is because I gave up farming for them. That didn’t feel good to me. Didn’t feel like a fun use of my time.

However, this is what I discovered last night in the beta:

Rank 2 (I haven’t gotten to rank 3 so I can’t report on that yet) is obtained through a quest. Not by praying to RNGesus for a drop through a bunch of flower picking. Also not a quest locked behind a time gate or in a dungeon. I personally didn’t mind going to dungeons for profession quests. But I also like dungeons. I know plenty who don’t.

The quests were fun, quick, and added a small bit of background to those herbs. They made sense. I hadn’t even done a lot of leveling in Herbalism when I got the quest. Now this type of rank system I can get behind. I’m glad I was patient and gave Blizz a chance.

Now I’m giving them a chance to work out their Azerite gear. I like the concept behind it. I think it’ll be fun to chose gear talents. In my opinion as of now, it feels like we’re being punished for playing multiple specs. (Maybe “punished” is a strong word, but it was the best description.) Legion started out as being not alt friendly. They eventually fixed that. We gave Blizz a chance.

In order to change a talent choice on our Azerite gear , the plan is to charge gold. I found this npc last night in the beta:


Easy enough to go to an npc to reforge our gear. We used to do this in the past to reforge stats. I appreciate that. However, this doesn’t feel spec friendly to me. As someone who constantly switches between dps and heals for the sake of my guild, this doesn’t feel good. The amount of gold I will have to drop, plus the amount of trips I will have to make to this npc, to switch between Holy and Shadow talents will be a lot. Or I pray once again to RNGesus for multiple good Azerite gear drops. One for Holy, one for Shadow.

This is really the only thing I truly am not happy about so far in BfA. I understand that I am the one choosing to do this bit of min/maxingness. I do it for my guild and friends though so that I can be the best healer/dpser possible. So if this reforging is what I have to do, I will do it. I do feel a bit punished for being flexible for my guild though, which is sad.

However, I will give Blizz a chance. Beta is beta. This could all still change. In the end, even if it doesn’t change, I’ll still deal with it. This isn’t a game breaker for me personally. The fun I have had so far in the alpha/beta already far outweighs this one annoyance.

Midweek Randomness: Star Moss and Siren’s Song

People who know me know that I’m easily amused. They also know that I believe that it’s the little things in life that keep you going sometimes. Being easily amused makes me a big fan random things. My goal is to share some random thing in the middle of the week (Tues-Thurs as time allows) every week. 

My priest has been a Herbalist for many expansions now, usually giving the herbs to guildies to help out with pots and such. My fellow Herbalists know that the nodes are usually just chillin’ in the ground. Nothing new. Until BfA!!! *queue dramatic music*

As I posted in the BfA Profession Mats blog, Herbalism in BfA gives us Star Moss and Siren’s Song. They aren’t found on the ground! Star Moss grows on walls, bridges, and rocks. Places where you would expect moss to be found. Siren’s Song is found growing out of tress. I was pleasantly surprised with this and wanted to share it with you!

Star Moss
Siren’s Song

Thanks for reading my randomness. Have a great rest of your week!

Beautiful BfA

As many people know, Blizzard has upped the system requirements for BfA. When this news came out, it was safe to assume that this meant the graphics would be improved for the new expansion. We were right! I’ve been blown away by just how beautiful the zones are and the details that have been put in.WoWScrnShot_031218_203454

While in the alpha/beta, it is easy to be caught up in the excitement of new content. This will be even more true when BfA is live. It’s also easy to get lost in discussions of loot, boss fights, stats, min/maxing, horde vs. alliance, and GCD changes. My suggestion and request is that people also slow down. Stop and “smell the roses”. Take in the new views! WoWScrnShot_031118_200046

While wandering in Drustvar, I stopped and observed the trees. The effortless way they move in the breeze is amazing! Their movement is more realistic than ever before seen in WoW. I was truly impressed!



The updated details to weather effects are worth checking out as well. The wind effects are finer than in Legion. The rain is cool to stand and watch. The impact it makes when landing in water is almost hypnotic, just as it is in reality.

The starting zones for both horde and alliance are equally filled with beauty. I took multiple screenshots of each. (I won’t share them all in an attempt to keep the size of this post from being insanely large.) Zandalar was impressive with it’s temples, scenery, and wildlife. I think I will be playing both sides more equally than ever before. What? I’m allowed to swing both ways! Wouldn’t you after seeing this?

Blizz also did a great job adding a lot of fun details in that you will miss if you rush through the story and gameplay. Examples include pirates rolling bones off to the side of the road (I saw this in alpha and forgot to take a screenshot), the more dark and twisted side of Blizz, monkeys throwing dead fish off of a roof at the people below and laughing at them, Kazul’s cameo, and what I am assuming is a tribute to the great Russel Brower.

Whether you are in beta, or adventuring in Battle for Azeroth after it drops, please slow down. Enjoy the love that Blizzard has put into their game. It is impressive and I believe it will add to your experience!

Fun with Dark Iron Dwarves

Personally speaking, I think the allied races are a cool concept. I am looking forward to experience their starting stories, leveling them up, and obtaining their heritage armor. I wasn’t one of the people dying to race change their current toons. Then I explored the Dark Iron Dwarves in Battle for Azeroth beta.


This is Aliandras. I created her back in Burning Crusade. My first character in WoW. Her name became my gamer identity across many games and platforms. Therefore, she is sacred to me. I never, EVER, imagined race changing her. Any bad assery (it’s a word, I swear) I had in me, I put in to her, her personality, her back story.

Then I created my first Dark Iron Dwarf. For starters, the hair, tattoo, skin, and piercing options are well done. The things you can do with them in creation are pretty cool! No matter male, female, or class, you can put great personality into their looks. I was particularly fond of the hair style choices and tattoos.

I made a female rogue, in honor of my main chick, so I can look at the racials and see what I thought about them. As I created her, I saw Aliandras. I felt her. I took her to a “home” I picked out in Iron Forge years ago. I was looking at my Aliandras, but far more bad ass!! (Don’t mind my Dark Iron Dwarf transmog. With the alpha wipe and the start of beta, there were no more default transmog options of gear I had already collected.)

I always saw Aliandras as being friends with good ol’ Bran Bronzebeard. Friendly, but a bad ass who will stab who she has to in order to take care of business. Race changing her would have taken away her identity. Or so I thought. That may have to change when Dark Iron Dwarves are live. Maybe it’s time for Aliandras to be born again in the flames of the great forge. Arising as a smoldering rogue, disappearing in a cloud of smoke to stalk her enemies.

BfA Profession Mats

Blizzard hasn’t started testing professions in BfA Alpha yet from what I have seen. However, you can look at your profession skill’s “Unlearned” patterns as well as information for gathering professions. Want to know what mats you’re going to be spending the expansion getting real intimate with? Take a look below!

*Remember, Alpha is Alpha. All of this is subject to change. When professions officially come out for testing, I will go more in-depth in each one.


Looking through all the patterns, they all require various herbs (found under the “Herbalism” section) and a Crystal Vial.


Obviously all the patterns require various ores (found under the “Mining” section). In addition they also call for Elemental Flux or Durable Flux.


Umbra Shard, Veiled Crystal, Shadow Dust, Expulsom


Take a gander at the “Mining” section for a list of ore that will be used in Engineering. In addition to that will be Chemical Blasting Cap and Fused Wiring. As of now the only other mats are listed under a craftable mount: Expulsom, Azerite Forged Protection Plating, Blast-Fired Electric Servomotor, Crush Resistant Stabilizer, Barely Stable Azerite Reactor


For your inks you will use Distilled Water, Crimson Pigment, Ultramarine Pigment, Viridescent Pigment, and Acacia Powder. Of course you’ll still be using Light Parchment as well as Expulsom. (Gold star if you find the bug I reported while looking this information up.)


Amberblaze, Tidal Amethyst, Owlseye, Royal Quartz, Solstone, Kubiline, Golden Beryl, Kyanite, Rubellite, Viridium, Kraken’s Eye


Tempest Hide, Hardened Tempest Hide, Calcified Bone, Blood Stained Bone, Coarse Leather, Mistscale, Shimmerscale, Expulsom


Deep Sea Satin, Embroidered Deep Sea Satin, Sun-Bleached Linen, Expulsom, Nylon Thread


Akunda’s Blade, Anchor Weed, Riverbud, Sea Stalk, Siren’s Pollen, Star Moss, Winter’s Kiss


(Deposits and Seams skills for each ore type) Monelite, Platinum, Storm Silver


The “Leatherworking” section shows you the leathers we’ll be working with. BfA will have different skinning techniques. Because who doesn’t want to learn to gather bones, right?



In addition to these main ingredients, you can find minor ones such as honey, flour, and berries that I am assuming we’ll purchase at a vendor. Much like we do now in Legion with the onions, butter, and similar items.

Stringy Loins, Lane Snapper, Meaty Haunch, Briny Flesh, Great Sea Catfish, Slimy Mackerel, Redtail Loach, Frenzied Fangtooth, Thick Paleo Steak, Sand Shifter, Tiragarde Perch.


Not much I can say about fishing as of now. You can train in each expansion’s fishing skill. All of the professions are moving to this system. Though it is pretty safe to assume that the fish you can catch are the same ones listed under the “Cooking” section.